• A Bit About Me

    By on January 25, 2017

    This may evolve into a bit of a write-up that will eventually be posted to the About Me page, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to say hello and introduce myself to those of you out there who are tuning in! My name is Kahler (pronounced Kay-ler) Legacy. I am a caucasian 29-year-old, born and raised in Bathurst, NB and currently residing in Fredericton, NB.

    I am a published author (see my work on my LinkedIn page); a semi-professional musician with previous touring & label experience, performing in several musical groups; a father to a ridiculously intelligent 2.5 year old boy; an animal lover/rescuer (4 cats, 1 dog and climbing); an Event & Catering Coordinator for the local Ramada Hotel; a first-year electrician; a graphic and web designer/developer; and so much more.

    I have lived through the declassification of Pluto’s planetary status, Y2K (wasn’t that a joke), 9/11, the end of the 2-dollar bill, the end of the penny, 6 Canadian Prime Ministers & 6 American Presidents. I’ve witnessed a new Canadian territory (Nunavut) develop and be included in textbooks. I was 7 years old when Kurt Cobain was found dead. I was receiving my driver’s licence when Johnny Cash passed away, and was already a graduate of high school when Michael Jackson died.

    I lived through huge technological advancements and expect to see so much more. In fact, here is a list of 36 crazy things that have happened in the past 30 years (original list pulled from this article).

    • World Wide Web
    • Smartphones
    • Online banking
    • Online shopping
    • WiFi
    • Google
    • Digital cameras
    • Text messaging
    • Email at fingertips
    • Flat screen televisions
    • Berlin Wall coming down
    • Compact Disc (CD’s)
    • Super Mario Brothers
    • Digital TV
    • DVD
    • The smoking ban
    • YouTube
    • Tablets
    • Wikipedia
    • Facebook
    • Skinny jeans
    • Harry Potter
    • Social media
    • Bluetooth
    • Mass-produced mobile phones
    • MP3
    • Sony Playstation
    • Hybrid cars
    • iTunes
    • X-Box
    • Spotify
    • Netflix
    • Nintendo Game Boy
    • Online dating
    • Red Bull
    • The Selfie
    This barely even touches on the incredible, and devastating things that have happened in the past 30 years. I’m nervous and excited for what the next 30 will bring!
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  • Humpday Hamburger

    By on January 25, 2017

    It’s another ridiculous Winter day, passing between ice and rain and snow. Apparently there are over 110,000 people in the area without power right now. I wouldn’t even know if my house still had power… Maybe I should get the cats and dog a phone so they can tell me what’s going on during the day. Texts from dog: “WHERE’D THE LIGHTS GO”…. “I’m guessing the power is out?”… “I CAN’T SEE MY FOOD!”

    I’ve been sporting a killer headache since yesterday that doesn’t seem to be eased by copious amounts of water (or caffeine woooooo) or even food. It’s very pressurized behind my left eye – Maybe that eye will explode and I can rock a pirate patch! …Wait. What’s stopping me from wearing one anyway? Oh right… social norms and all that jazz. Dressing up for Halloween before Valentine’s Day might be frowned upon in some (all) places.

    Lunch today was a personal favorite of mine – Mushroom Mozza Melt, a 6oz pure beef patty smothered in Mozzarella and Mushrooms, and a side Greek Salad & pickle. I dare say, I have this particular lunch at least once a week now. The balance of healthy vs unhealthy seems to be pretty fair, so it’s got that going for it. I also tend to add hot sauce (again, to everything). It’s a happy, filling meal that I would highly recommend to anyone visiting my work’s Courtyard Restaurant.

    This blog wouldn’t really follow through on it’s name if I didn’t also mention something to do with music! And CLEARLY I am going to shamelessly promote my own band: “Rumblefish”. We’ve got 5 original songs and one cover song posted online over at wearerumblefish.bandcamp.com and are currently working on more material.

    If that doesn’t float your boat, take a listen to this stellar tune by a since-disbanded group called Sovereign Soldiers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11C9tWrglpM

    Stay classy and interested folks, I’ll get better at this whole writing-my-thoughts-down bit soon enough. Patience. Patience is key.

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  • Stormy Evening Shrooms

    By on January 25, 2017

    After a long, fairly quiet storm day at work, I spent a good half hour chopping the ice-of-doom attached to my stupid little sports car. Unintentionally getting soaked in the process, I may have smoked more than one cigarette while slowly chipping away Jack-Fucking-Frosts aftermath. Did I mention I dislike Winter?

    I dislike Winter in the way that a normal person dislikes root canal. Especially when you live in the tropical paradise we Canadians like to call “The Maritimes”. To paraphrase a quote from the Lord of the Rings…

    Us: Gentlemen, we do not stop ’til Springtime.
    Mother Nature: What about Winter?
    Us: You’ve already had it.
    Mother Nature: We’ve had one, yes. What about second Winter?
    Jack Frost: I don’t think they know about second Winter, Mom.
    Mother Nature: What about Mid-Winter? Post-Mid-Winter? Random Springtime Winter? Reverse Winter? More Winter? Construction? They know about them, don’t they?
    Jack Frost: I wouldn’t count on it.

    It’s a good thing we have our Tim Hortons, our moose meat, & our hockey sticks. Or we might actually consider relocating to Trump-‘Merica, a place the entire world looks at and goes “…really? That’s who you chose to lead you? *shrugs* Alright.”

    *Grabs popcorn and waits for the shit to hit the proverbial fan.*

    Anywho… Last night’s dinner was delicious. My girlfriend pulled a Deadpool and went Maximum Effort in creating some fantastic Stuffed Mushrooms. No shame here, I kept eating them even after I was full. And then we decided to trek out into the Winter Whatthefuckland to aquire ALL THE ICE CREAM for banana splits. Snow-ice-rain won’t stop us from enjoying a delicious cold treat.

    I don’t know how to start or end posts. I’ll figure it out eventually. Chyea.

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  • Tuesday’s Train of Thought

    By on January 24, 2017

    Happy Tuesday! The weather outside is… mildly annoying. Rain. Ice. Snow. Rain. Rinse. Repeat. I don’t think Mother Nature has any clue what she’s doing anymore…. Not that she ever did, but lately it seems like she’s been getting into the boxed wine we’ve all been warned about.

    Somehow in the midst of a Snapchat conversation with a selection of stellar friends (say that 3 times fast), I was prodded to build a blog, a place I can make puns, rant, post foodies and be ridiculous. So here we are. My domain of Fat Cats, Fancy Food, Silly Satires and Musical Memories. I hope y’all enjoy or at least get a chuckle.

    Today’s tasty lunch of wonders was a Smothered Chicken (with cheese and mushrooms) accompanied by mashed potatoes, vegetables and a delicious bowl of gravy that I might have drank out of… No shame here. Oh yes, and all the butter I could handle. I won’t lie, I could probably drown just about anything in butter… Or Franks Hot Sauce. *drools*

    That being said, this is my first post, and I’ve already lost my train of thought. Maybe I’ll find it on my way to finding my sanity. Booya.

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