Small But Still Here

Small But Still Here

It’s been a couple of fairly quiet days, and no real fancy foods to post about. I also generally don’t go online as often when my son is home with me, so this may or may not be a bit of a quieter week post-wise. We’ll see! #thereisnoquietonlypawpatrol

Sunday was a blast. He came home a bit earlier than usual, so we were able to take full advantage of the nice weather (+2 celsius for us Canadians is like springtime). Met up with our friends and their younger little guy and enjoyed the skating rink downtown (albeit without skates… I should probably get mine sharpened soon). You know you live in a pretty cool city when they take an entire “park” (Officers’ Square) and turn it into a free-to-use skating rink during the winter. My son had a blast getting pulled around in a little sled and kept wanting to choose which direction to go!

Following that, we all dined at the Snooty Fox, which never fails to be delicious.

I started out the week as suggested in my Breakfast post, and I hope some of you did too – Two big glasses of water, and my first breakfast of the week may have been small (two pieces of toast), but it was more than it usually is. Going to keep it up this week with the earlier rise and adding to the breakfasts. One day at a time!

Today’s musical choice is a live version of Shinedown’s “Second Chance”: